FESTIVAL PERANAKAN Photo and Ethnography Exhibition 9 January – 1 February 2009 East Mall, Grand Indonesia

Photo and Ethnography Exhibition
9 January – 1 February 2009
East Mall, Grand Indonesia
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Peranakan: an Indonesian Chinese
Peranakan is a term used for the descendants of the very early Chinese immigrants to the Southeast Asia region (in Indonesia and Malaysia today or known as Nusantara) who have partially adopted indigenous (e.g. Malay, Javanese, Manadonese, etc.) customs as part of an acculturation and/or intermarriage processes with indigenous communities. Many peranakan Chinese families have been settled in Indonesia for centuries and have indigenous as well as Chinese ancestry. That is why the word peranakan is commonly used to categorize Chinese Indonesians. In both Malay and Bahasa Indonesia, ‘peranakan’ means ‘descendants’ . The Peranakan Chinese number around 7 million among the total 230 million Indonesians.
This event exhibits 32 Photo Frames of Peranakan Culture and ethnography objects that related to history, fashion, culinary, daily life, architecture, and spiritual life.

Opening Program, 9 January 2008, East Mall Atrium, Grand Indonesia:
16.00 – “Indonesia Raya” by Bina Vokalia Pranadjaja Vocal
16.25 – Barong Landung Dance Show
16.35 – Welcome Speech by Prof Dr S Boedhisantoso (President’s Counselor in Social and Culture)

Honorary Guest: Abdurrahman “Gus Dur” Wahid

More info:
Ummy: 02132726386, 081311303973, yayasan.fkai@ gmail.com
This event is held by cooperation between Grand Indonesia, Forum Kajian Antropologi Indonesia, Lim & Ong Heritage Consultant, and Paulman associate.

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